Harout Terterian





With over 11 years of experience as a full-stack web developer, I am well-versed in various technologies and frameworks used to build modern, dynamic, and secure web applications for clients. My passion for programming started at a young age, and I have honed my skills through various experiences in the industry.


I have worked on a variety of web applications using the MERN, MEAN, and LAMP stack. At Silton Information Software Inc, I primarily used React, NextJS, and TypeScript to build web applications using the MERN stack while ensuring strict security measures. My responsibilities included managing DNS, email, FTP, shell accounts, databases, security, and site backups. At LASO Concepts, I gained expertise in AngularJS, RESTful APIs, Express, and MongoDB, and used them to prototype full-stack features and enforce authentication and authorization.


When I'm not programming, I enjoy a range of hobbies such as weightlifting, cycling, playing guitar and piano, traveling, reading, and building computers and muscle cars.


I thrive on challenging projects that require creativity and critical thinking. My extensive experience and skills in a wide variety of frameworks, libraries, and tools enable me to take on any project with the willpower and dedication to see it through to completion.